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On-site Computer Repair Service

We provide on-site computer repair service and network support for local businesses in Cary, Raleigh and Apex.  (See below regarding residential on-site services).

For service contracts, please email us or give us a call. Some of our happiest customers are businesses with 1–100 machines.

Some of the services provided on site include:

  • Network maintenance
  • Desktop and laptop diagnostics
  • Wireless security configuration
  • DOS support

Services that cannot be performed on site include (let’s be honest, some need to come back to the shop):

  • Desktop computers or laptops that need a specialty part
  • Data recoveries, which can take days, depending on what is wrong with your drive
  • Advanced troubleshooting of intermittent problems, etc.
  • For these situations we can diagnose the problem on site and then transport it to and from our location for repair.

Bring it in or have us come out?

We have customers that do not let their machines leave, need them up and running ASAP, are attached to large machines, have multiple machines, etc. For these, we will need to come out.

If you have a broken laptop, desktop or server and can drive it to our location , we will check it out for free. You may also want to bring the machine in if you feel your hard drive is going bad. The testing, recovering, replacing and reinstalling process can take several hours, and it would be much cheaper for you to bring it in.


Call us at (919) 468-3999 or email us at sales@absoluteraleigh.com for us to work with you on the best solution for you.

Residential. Give us a call and we will  work with you to determine the best solution for you.  We can help solve your network or printer issues. We can  set up or configure you computer on site.  We can also pickup or deliver you computer to your home for a fee.  However for many tasks, we will recommend that you bring your machine to us.  We are often asked why we do not do a complete set of services for folks.  The short answer is that we try to provide you with the most convenient / cost effective solution.  Here is the detailed answer:  Reason For Not Doing Residential

We do most of our on-site repairs for users in Apex, Cary,  Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs,  Morrisville and the south-western portion of Raleigh.