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Are iPhone and Android Apps Necessary for Raleigh Dental Offices?

Although dentist offices aren’t required to use iPhone and Android apps, many do so in order to increase their productivity and efficiency, according to Raleigh Dentist Triangle Pediatric Dentistry. Apps can assist them with patient education, patient communication, x-rays and imaging, practice management, data management, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the apps that dentists use to provide their patients with useful information and make their lives easier.

  • dCStory – Dental procedures can be complex and difficult for patients to understand. With the help of dCStory, patients can gain a thorough understanding of a treatment that their dentist will perform. dCStory gives dentists and patients access to over 200 dental procedures, photos, and x-rays. It makes it easy for dentists to explain treatments in a way that makes sense to their patients.
  • Dental Anywhere – Dental Anywhere was created to help dental offices stay connected to their patients. Raleigh dentists use this app to inform their patients about office specials and events and provide them with reference guides for common dental problems. With this app, patients can also request appointments and easily access the Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp accounts of the practice.
  • DentalStat – Calculating patient specific doses is a breeze with the DentalStat app. With this handy app, dentists don’t have to go through the hassle of reviewing guidelines and conducting manual calculations when writing dental prescriptions. The app also lists and displays common dental medications in a way that can be easily submitted to a pharmacy.
  • Cavity Free 3D – Every dentist’s goal is to provide their patients with education that will ensure they properly brush and floss their teeth at home. Some use the Cavity Free 3D app to explain proper brushing and flossing techniques that can be very useful for patients of all ages. 3D dental demos as well as brushing and flossing animations are all included in this app.
  • Dental Radiology – Some Raleigh dentists are huge fans of Dental Radiology because this app gives them the opportunity to see patients’ teeth in an x-ray format. It includes a dental glossary that allows dentists to select words in alphabetical order and shows dental maxillar and mandibular radiology as well as individual teeth.

By taking advantage of these apps, Raleigh dentists are improving the way their office operates and the quality of care their patients receive.