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New Custom PC Sold September 2015 for Cary NC Customer

Below is one of the new “cube” custom PCs we have been selling a bunch of lately.

This machine was built for a recent customer of ours who was experiencing power surges.


  • Intel -3 CPU
  • ASRock Motherboard
  • 512GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10

custom pc parts

Here’s the PC being built:

It is amazing to see how small and compact motherboards have become!


Here’s the Mini-ITX motherboard.

These little cubes are nice and quiet. They have gigantic fans in them!


Huge, quiet fan

Next, the motherboard is mounted into the case:

motherboard in case
Then, the solid state drive is installed:

The ATX power supply goes in:

psu added
All built! Rear view:

rear view

Rear view of the computer

And finally, here is the finished product!

new computer

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